Suzanne Jauchius (Psychic, Author of “You Know Your Way Home”)

You’d think the most interesting thing about a psychic would be their ability to see what the rest of us cannot. But I what think makes Suzanne so interesting to talk to, and so valuable to her clients is her deep understanding of our human need to be recognized, coupled with her ability to do exactly that. Her gift helps her, but the real benefit isn’t a novelty experience. It’s her ability to connect people with their inner potential.

Likewise her book isn’t, “15 amazing psychic miracles of Suzanne,” but an emotional journey through her life as she comes embrace her own identify as a psychic. I’m usually a slow reader, but I found this book compelling enough to finish in under a week.

Book description (from Amazon): “Like a modern day version of the Greek mythological heroine Cassandra, Suzanne sees the future and is shunned for it. She struggles as a child not always knowing what is real and what is “seen”. Her curse-gift complicates her adulthood as she must seek to find a way to trust herself again. The narrative contains twists and turns which traverses true crime scenes, missing persons, addictions, co-dependency and mystical and unbelievable experiences which become quite believable.”

Topics Discussed:

  1. Seeing, and how her gift works
  2. What a reading looks like
  3. Common questions asked in appointments
  4. Validating people, counseling and therapy so people fulfill their purpose
  5. A beautiful view of death and the afterlife
  6. Limits of psychic ability
  7. Using her gift for missing person’s cases
  8. Her experience with a Lakota sweat lodge
  9. The importance of charging money for your work
  10. Psychic ability in children

Find Suzanne at: 


Psychic Suzanne Jauchius, on Facebook

And her book: 


You Know Your Way Home, on Facebook


Available on Amazon

Resources mentioned:

Natural ESP by Ingo Swan

New Renaissance Bookstore

Dr. Raymond Moody – Life after life, Reunions

Edgar Cayce Books

Jean Dickson Books


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