Laura Amiton (Healthy Pets NW-Alberta and The Filling Station)

Laura’s businesses, “Healthy Pets NW-Alberta” and “The Filling Station” focus on high quality pet products like all natural dog food and other products to promote better pet health. I like our conversation because of how many different aspects of creating a business we cover. In particular, I was struck by the way Laura so successfully draws on the knowledge of experts when designing and creating her businesses, and the ways she uses technology to improve the customer experience. Her journey is also instructive when it comes to minimizing the risks inherent in starting a company, which an area I think a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs could benefit from. She has a ton of insights, and I learned a lot from talking to her. I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation.

You can find more about Laura and her businesses at (hers is the Alberta location),, and on twitter @tfspetstigard.

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