Jake Pilkenton (Culture Media)

Jake is another young entrepreneur, and I’ve gotta say I really like interviewing these young people.  Jake and I talk about how he got started, his early ventures, his failures, and his attitudes about entrepreneurship. I always come away from our conversations with great energy, and belief that anything is possible. You can find links to Jake’s business, Culture Media in the show notes. I hope you’ll enjoy!

I really admire these fearless people who don’t need permission from anyone to start doing things, and I love getting inspired by them. I started this podcast to explore the key traits of entrepreneurs, and I think that fearlessness is one of them. Not so much that people are never afraid, but that they understand that their journey doesn’t end with a single failure or setback, and they keep going.

Topics Discussed:

  • How he got his first client
  • The value he provides, and getting the skills to add value
  • Building trust and connections with clients
  • Creating a portfolio of work, and satisfied clients to gain clout
  • His previous businesses and failures
  • His priorities, happiness
  • His thoughts on college
  • Realizing his entrepreneurial nature as a child
  • How he thinks about failure
  • Traits of great entrepreneurs
  • Sources of inspiration for him

Music for this podcast is by Cambrian Explosion, who were once thought to have gotten trapped in the Helix Nebula. But it turns out they were just enjoying the pretty colors and stuff. They’re back safely in Portland, OR these days, and are still churning out some great music. You can find their stuff at cepdx.bandcamp.com or on Apple iTunes and Spotify.


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