Jesse Kay (20 Under 20s Podcast) Building a network by giving value

Jesse Kay started his podcast 20 Under 20s just six months ago and has already grown his audience into the tens of thousands of listeners. He focuses on guests ages 15 to 25 doing really inspiring things. And in the process, he’s met remarkable people like Jeff Hoffman, one of the cofounders of Priceline. And Mark Cuban. He’s just 17 years old, too so as impressive as this is, it’s only the beginning. I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation.

Topics Discussed:

  • Jesse’s method for building a network by sending 350 cold emails a day
  • How Jesse tracked down the email addresses of people like Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, and others
  • The importance of offering value
  • Jesse’s advice to other young people (connect, get a mentor, explore)
  • How Jesse has leveraged his podcast into other opportunities
  • Jesse’s plans after high school


Jesse’s Book Recommendation: The Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell

You can get in touch with Jesse via jessekay811 (at)

Check out his work at:

Jesse’s Facebook Page

Jesse’s Twitter Profile

Next Gen Summit in February, where he is speaking



You can find Jesse at, on Facebook and Twitter under Jesse Kay, and listen to his show 20Under20s on Apple Podcasts. Jesse is a classic example of the phrase, “you make your own luck.” You could be lucky and happen to be the cousin of some famous person like Mark Cuban, and maybe they’d give you some help. Or you can do what Jesse did and get there with sheer hustle. The opportunities are out there, it just takes work to get them. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story, Jesse! I’ll include links to Jesse’s contact info, his podcast, and future speaking appearances in the show notes.

Music for this podcast is by Cambrian Explosion, a crew of Viking oarsmen who traversed the Atlantic Ocean in a tiny longboat and discovered Greenland! Seriously, it blows my mind that people actually did that.

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