Introducing Mini-Series, “It Takes a Village”

Why Try mini-series featuring the community, networks, supporting organizations, and investors that make it possible for start-ups to thrive in Oregon.

I started this podcast because I have a lot of questions about what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Not so much a “how-to” guide, but an exploration of the personalities, journeys, and ambitions that characterize successful entrepreneurs. In this process, I stumbled upon a group of people that are not entrepreneurs currently, but that help entrepreneurs get ideas off the ground. They have spent their careers learning what works when it comes to creating a successful business. Some of them are former entrepreneurs and they have all developed skills, knowledge, and relationships that allow them to be a great resource for entrepreneurs.

Some of them are investors, others are directors of incubators, accelerators, conferences, and other programs that help entrepreneurs develop startups by connecting them with the resources they need. What’s interesting from the outset is that this appears to be a fairly tight community of people. At the end of each interview I ask each guest for ideas of other people to talk to, and the frequency with which multiple guests will recommend the same person suggests that everyone’s worlds are pretty interconnected. This probably shouldn’t be surprising, considering that much of what they do involves networking to help create and maintain a critical mass of innovation, talent, and resources. I’ve interviewed around six of these people and I look forward to sharing these conversations with you.

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