Why You Should Have a Side Hustle, with Nick Loper (Founder of Side Hustle Nation and Host of The Side Hustle Show)

Nick is the one of the key people who really got me hooked on entrepreneurship. He runs a blog and podcast dedicated to helping people create their own side hustles. He’s touched the lives of over 60,000 fellow side-hustlers, cranked out over 250 podcast episodes, written over 10 ebooks…All this in under 5 years. Basically, he’s a content-creating machine, and he’s helped a lot of people with his internet business. 

  1. How do you define a side-hustle? What makes a good side hustle? What’s the value of having one? Who should be a side-hustler?
  2. What are some traits of successful side-hustlers and entrepreneurs?
  3. How did you first get started in the side-hustle game? What’s the story that led to the creation of Side Hustle Nation?
  4. What was your motivation for doing this particular hustle?
  5. Has anything surprised you in your journey?
  6. When did everything start clicking?
  7. What are some things that you found were really effective for growing your audience and your business?
  8. Imagine you could go back in time 5 years, and give yourself 1 extra hour a day. How would you tell your past self to spend that hour?
  9. What do you see in the future for Side Hustle Nation? What are you most excited about?
  10. How do you define success for yourself personally?
  11. Where can people find more of your work?


 I owe Nick a debt of gratitude. You can find Nick’s podcast, “The Side Hustle Show” on sidehustlenation.com and wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to look up his side hustle ideas for new hustlers at sidehustlenation.com/ideas. Side Hustle Nation has something for everyone, and I think you’ll find some great value there.


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