Ben Dorothy, Cambrian Explosion, Drummer & Singer

Ben’s the drummer for Cambrian Explosion, a heavy-rock, psychadelic-type band from Portland, Oregon. He’s got a lot of good thoughts on the changing nature of work in our economy, as well as a deep sense of one of the things I set out to explore in creating this podcast. Namely, the need to do work you love.

I sprinkled a couple samples of their music in the podcast. If you like what you hear (and I think you will), check out Cambrian Explosion at They have two albums posted currently, The Sun, and The Moon. The music in this podcast is from The Moon.

Intro/Theme Music: Mugen=Mugen

First Clip: Looming Eye

Second Clip: Crust of Theia (I got the name wrong in the podcast. It is, in fact, Theia not Thela)

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