Nikhel Chand (No Balance Productions)

Nikhel is producer at No Balance Productions, a Portland company that specializes in video media marketing for small and medium size businesses. You can find them at

Nikhel and I had a far-ranging conversation that starts with a discussion of college and the often unconscious choices people make when setting up their careers. Additionally, we cover a variety of topics ranging from forex trading, to financial independence, and the role of money in a life well lived.

During the podcast, Nikhel mentions “The Secret.” We never got into it because neither of us could remember the other name for it. But basically, it’s “the law of attraction.” It’s kind of new-agey, but seems to work. The idea is that if you change your thinking, your reality will change too. You don’t have to believe in different types of spiritual energy to realize the benefits of a good attitude, confidence, and faith in yourself.

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