Beven Byrnes (Bridges Middle School)

Beven Byrnes has created a sustainable nonprofit school for kids who have extra learning needs, and it is amazing to hear the transformation that happens for these kids. Talking to her is inspiring, she has so much passion for helping kids get the best education for them as individuals. She’s created a great school and environment that meets the kids where they’re at, and works some great changes in their lives. I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation!


I think Beven probably has the most unique book recommendation yet. And I don’t want to over-state this, but I think that story offers some great parallels for her journey and many other entrepreneurs. So many great things start with just a single person working to change their world, and they then inspire others, and those people join in. And eventually you’ve got a community working together to create something really enduring. That’s really what entrepreneurship, and leadership is about to me. It can’t be just about making money, it’s about changing the world for the better.

You can find more about Beven and Bridges Middle School at Link in the shownotes.


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