Rachel Schoening (Fat Milo’s Family Kitchen)

This episode, I got to hear from Rachel Shoening, who, together with her husband Miles created Fat Milo’s Family Kitchen. She is an awesome example of someone who jumps in, and isn’t afraid of figuring things out on the fly. In other words, she is unstoppable. We talk a little about this in the podcast, and how she and her husband have complementary traits when it comes to the business. She’s very much the driver of new growth and taking risks, whereas he is very skilled operationally at putting together the pieces needed to make everything run smoothly. It sounds like an odd combination, but I really think entrepreneurs need both to be successful. Rachel also has a lot of good thoughts when it comes to the interactions between a business and a community. As if that still weren’t enough, Rachel has some great insight into the nature of business relationships. I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation.

For more info about Fat Milo’s Family Kitchen, check them out on Facebook under Fat Milo’s Family Kitchen. Be sure to check out their Date Nights, every Thursday! https://www.facebook.com/FatMilos/

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