Geof Beasley (Bella Madrona)

You never know what your passion project might grow into. Geof created Bella Madrona 37 years ago, right after starting his career as a physician. It’s grown since that time to something of a local icon, and has provided him with a lot of neat experiences he might not have had otherwise. Talking to him, though, I got the sense that he’d be happy with the garden even if it hadn’t opened any of those doors; he gardens because he loves gardening and the connection it provides with nature.

Topics Discussed:

  • Creating the Garden and Getting Started
  • Designing and Growing the Garden
  • Garden Culture
  • What He Gets Through Gardening
  • His Favorite Memories & Events in the Garden, Pink Martini
  • Value of Nature
  • Relationship with Wildlife
  • The Challenge of Maintaining It

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