Joshua Lisec “The Entrepreneur’s Wordsmith LLC”

Joshua Lisec is the president and founder of The Entrepreneur’s Wordsmith LLC. Their main services include ghostwriting, copywriting, and content marketing. I was intrigued by the ghost-writing process, and found that he had a lot of expertise in this area. I also enjoyed his take on the idea that at any given time, over 90% of your potential customers aren’t actively shopping for your product, and how you can solve that problem with “Influential Copy.” As for how to create Influential Copy, he shares his 6 Cs of Influential Copy in some detail. You can find a link to his infographic in the show notes.

Topics Discussed

  1. What is copywriting
  2. The customer’s journey
  3. The work he does with content marketing
  4. What is ghostwriting? Acting in print. He captures the personality and voice of the brand and business owner.
  5. At any given moment, 9/10 of your potential customers are not actively shopping for your product but…
  6. …“9/10 customers have a problem or goal…that your product or service can help them solve or achieve”
  7. The mistake 95% of businesses are making in their marketing, and how to fix it.
  8. “Influential means you read it, and you want to take action”
  9. “If you want to motivate the right action, you need to use the right words”
  10. “The general mass market is not going to take them seriously as a thought leader, unless they have a book.”
  11. A lot of books just have the “what.” Give the “how” via testimonials and social proof.
  12. 6 Cs of Influential Content
  13. Credibility – establish authority in the space
  14. Connection – how you will help them get to their goals
  15. Compelling – arouses emotion
  16. Counter-Industry – take an anti-BS stance
  17. Call to Action – invite them to learn more
  18. Circulation – get it out in front of people
  19. Include link to 6Cs info graphic in the shownotes
  20. His origins as a ghostwriter, how he became the “go-to” guy and built a career
  21. Don’t compete for the same 10% as everybody else, convert that 90% for better success.
  22. How he markets his own business: Referrals from happy customers, and marketing that follows the 6 Cs. Plus, an example of how he does this.
  23. How to effectively re-use content, and the common mistakes people make in doing so
  24. Vary article length according to your purpose
  25. Advice for entrepreneurs: be willing to figure out, “will someone pay me for this” and do so occasionally in an unglamorous, barely profitable way.


Book Recommendations:

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk for the fundamentals of social media

The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

The Sticking Point Solution by Jay Abraham

To hire Joshua, head over to for all your ghostwriting, copywriting, and content marketing needs. There are too many takeaways to enumerate here, so I’ve shared my notes in the shownotes. You can also find them at


Music for this podcast is by Cambrian Explosion, who spent an entire autumn as toads after encountering a vindictive sorceress. Fall isn’t a bad time to be a toad though, so for them, it was actually a pretty good experience. They’re back to normal and working on a new album as I speak though, so check out their work at and on Apple iTunes and Spotify.


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