Maddie Kirby (Content Creator)

Maddie Kirby built up a following of 10s of thousands on Vine, and then repeated the task on Flipagram. She makes short, funny videos, about 6 seconds long, and shares them on these platforms. I have links to a few of those in the show notes. She has a lot of insight on the new world of content creation, influencer marketing, social media, as well as building connections with your audience. I learned a lot from her, and had a lot of fun with our conversation. I hope you’ll enjoy.


Links to Maddie’s work: 


Music for this podcast is by Cambrian Explosion, who long ago operated as a single-celled organism, which then engulfed a smaller micro-organism, giving rise to the multicellular complexity that comprises and surrounds us. Kind of amazing to think about. You can find them on and Apple iTunes and Spotify.


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