Nick Vago (Clash of Orbs)

Nick Vago channeled his art background into creating an app called “Clash of Orbs.” It’s a game he describes as a “finger-swiping fruit-ninja type game combined with elements of an RPG, meaning it has upgrades and power-ups.” I’ve always wondered how people make apps, particularly apps that are as visually interesting and interactive as a mobile game. Nick really started from square one in this process, but in classic entrepreneurial fashion, he figured out a lot as he went along, and brought in some outside technical expertise to help bring his vision into reality. It’s live now, so I recommend that you check it out!

Link to the game: 

Topics Discussed:
Why he decided to make an app
Growing the concept from balloon-popper to epic finger-swiping adventure
Connecting with and leading a team of developers from Ukraine
What he’s learned through the process
The future of his company, Rogue Monkey Studios
Funding his venture
The difference between having an idea for an app, and making a successful app

Check out Nick’s game on Facebook @ClashofOrbs. I’ve got a link to the demo video in the shownotes.

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