Meb Faber (Cambria Investments)

Meb is co-founder of Cambria Investments, author of several investing books, and host of his own podcast, The Meb Faber Show. He favors a quantitative, rules-and-evidence-driven approach to investing, and has done a ton of research in this area. My favorite insight from him was his view that the best trait in an entrepreneur is the ability to withstand pain without quitting.

What I admire about him. First, he is a master of content marketing. He is tremendously curious, smart, and generous with both his knowledge and his time. He puts out a ton of free content, especially his white-papers and his podcast. He has influenced my investing philosophy tremendously, and I thank him for making me wealthier and wiser. He’s shared his philosophy in a really compelling way, and offers tools that help people invest better. So in this podcast, I want to explore how he got to this point, how he created and grew his business, and how he developed himself and his own personal knowledge to a point where he can bring so much value to others.


The Best Investment Writing, The Ivy Portfolio, Global Asset Allocation, Invest with the House, Global Value, and Shareholder Yield.

His Recommendation: Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation

White Papers: notably, “A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation

Podcast: The Meb Faber Show, with appearances on many of my favorite podcasts like Masters in Business with Barry Ritholtz, Invest Like the Best with Patrick O’Shaughnessy, and Trendfollowing with Michael Covel.

Topics Discussed:

  • Key traits of entrepreneurs
  • Choosing a business partner
  • Growing his company with research, content
  • How he spent his 20s, pre-Cambria
  • What 20-somethings can do to learn about investing
  • Exercise, sleep, and travel
  • Choosing the right investments
  • Educating people against their worst instincts
  • Career advice for young people: offer value

You can find more of Meb’s work at, which has links to his podcast, his books, whitepapers, and all of the other really interesting stuff he does. You can find his business, Cambria Investments at I have a ton of respect for him and his work, so it was awesome to have him on the podcast.

Music for this podcast is by Cambrian Explosion, who in 1999 drove the Kraken back into the Mariana Trench and trapped it there, where it will stay for another 1000 years thanks to the power of their tones. You can thank them, and check out their music at and on Apple Itunes and Spotify

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