Brett Eichenberger and Jill Remensnyder, Resonance Productions

Resonance Productions is a video production company, named for Brett and Jill’s ability to make films that resonate emotionally with their audience. As a married couple, they do all kinds of projects, including a video for the city of Hillsboro to expedite their search for a new police chief and most recently, their independent, feature-length film “Pretty Broken.” Other works include tourism videos, commercials, industrials, and brand videos.

I like their strategy of making things that feel authentic, and that resonate with their audience. Our world feels very noisy, so I think the things that really cut through are often the most real.  

Here are some links to their work:

Trailer to Pretty Broken:  

Hillsboro Police Chief Recruiting video:
Recent TV Commercial:
Music Video:
2011 Feature Film Light of Mine:
Some work for the City of Vancouver:
Pretty Broken Instagram:

Topics Discussed:

  1. Meaning of Resonance, as the name of the company
  2. Importance of emotional resonance in content production
  3. How they have made an impact in their communities with videos:
  4. Recruiting Hillsboro Police Chief
  5. Highlighting chronic users of 911 to get them the help they need
  6. Skills needed for a director
  7. Different types of directors, his own style
  8. Light of Mine, their latest movie
  9. Marketing an independent movie
  10. How much can an independent movie be made for
  11. “I just really want people to watch it and walk away with a sense of gratitude for their family and the people that they have in their lives.”
  12. The film-making lifestyle (when it rains it pours)
  13. Handling rejection
  14. Working with your spouse
  15. Jill’s early beginnings as a storyteller
  16. Best tip to grow as a writer: Write Every Day
  17. Writing Pretty Broken
  18. How a script develops from beginning to end
  19. You can just tell when a script is done
  20. How a producer’s responsibilities change with the type of job
  21. Her experience with the Hillsboro Police Chief Recruitment Video

Jill’s Book Author Recommendations for Storytellers:

Robert McKee, Joseph Campbell (Hero’s Journey), Christopher Vogler, Truby


Music for this podcast is by Cambrian Explosion, who spent their weekend paragliding over active volcanoes. You can listen to their hottest music at, Apple iTunes, and Spotify.

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